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New Earth Orchids website is currently under reconstruction. Please bear with us as we move forward. in the meantime you can follow us on our Facebook page.

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You will find store information, news and , of course, more pictures of orchids blooming in the greenhouse posted there.

You may call or text Ron at 505-603-6714 to place an order or ask a question. 

You may also email Ron at [email protected] 

We appreciate your patience as we rebuild the website and online store.
Store Hours
Our Greenhouse hours are:
Tuesday: by appointment only
Wednesday:  Noon to 4:30PM
Thursday:       Noon to 4:30 PM
Friday:              Noon to 4:30 PM
Saturday:        10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

News Briefs!

News for the Month of June, July and August
June is our Summer Sale time. We offer 20% off on plants and 15% off on supplies. The sale ends on June 30th. We have a number of species as well as our hybrid Cattleyas.

This July we will be closed the week of July 4th as Cyndi and I celebrate our wedding anniversary. We will reopen on July 10th.

Ron will be speaking at the Iowa Orchid Society Spealers Day on the 28th of July. The greenhouse will be closed July 27th and the 28th.

August is quiet...so far. However we will be closed August 18th for Indian Market. 
A Short Note About New Earth Orchids
Ron, with over 45 years experience, has grown and bred orchids all over the US.  In 1990, New England Orchid Company was formeded as a part-time business to support the extensive breeding program that was starting up.  In 2003, he and his wife Cynthia moved the business to New Jersey and changed the name to New Earth Orchids.  And now, they have moved the business to Santa Fe and launched it as a full service orchid nursery to bring the best in orchids to Santa Fe and New Mexico.
In addition to ron’s activities in the orchid business, he has been very active in the local orchid societies wherever he lived.   This includes serving as an officer, chairing orchid shows, and becoming an American Orchid Society Accredited Judge.  Before leaving New Jersey, Ron founded the Jersey Highlands Orchid Society.  He now serves on the American Orchid Society Membership Committee. Ron travels to shows across the US and is in demand as a speaker to orchid societies from Florida to California.

Check our Facebook page for the current speaking and show schedule for information about when and to where Ron will be traveling.

Our Monthly Featured Plant: Angraecum sesquipedale 'Polaris' AM/AOS X Self seedlings
These blooming size seedlings are from the selfing of our fabulous Ang. sesquipedale 'Polaris' AM/AOS. These will be December bloomers. These 5 to 6 inch flowers with their incredible 15 to 18 inch nectaries are night time fragrant.

In spite of the Vanda like appearance of the plants, they need to be grown in low light like Phalasnopsis or Paphiopedilums. Keep them moist and grow them in very open medium. Temperature requirements are intermediate to warm. 

We have these blooming size plants available in 4 inch pots for $40.00. For those too far away to come to the greenhouse, shipping is $9.00/plant.